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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Framing Party

The Comcast internet outage prevented me from posting last night. So let me tell you now, Sunday framing party was a big success.  We had five people show up to help out: Ira Cass, Greg and Sue Taylor, and Vin and Tina Cass. 

The day was clear, but that also means cold this time of year.  When we started, the nail guns were too cold to function properly.  So we took them inside to warm up while we nailed by hand for a while. The first item of business was to get to work on the wall extension.  The wall extension is critical to our design as it will allow enough vertical space to raise the mashtun high enough to allow our system to be principally a gravity fed system. This will also create more storage space in the loft area. Krister had already cut the studs, so we were able to start construction right away. The wall extension went up surprisingly smoothly and needed little squaring. 

We worked straight through to near-completion on the wall extension. then broke for a late lunch. Tracy had made her from scratch homemade piazza.  This hit the spot as we were all getting a bit cold and tired by then.

Then we went out to put the last touches on the wall extension and start on the rafters.  Vin showed me how to step off rafters and cut the first two.  He must have known what he was doing: those first two fit perfectly. With the wall extension completed and the first two rafters cut, the sun was fading fast.  So we decided to cut the rest of the rafters to length and call it a day.

The only framing left to do is the rafters and ridge pole.  With luck, we can get a crew out this coming Sunday and get that done.  Thanks to all who helped out!

Putting up the first section of the wall extension.

The studs in place for the next section of wall.

Vin and Sue working on the wall in the loft area.

A days work: The wall extension framed.
We are trying to get another crew together for next Sunday. If you are interested in helping out, shoot me an email: Thanks!

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