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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Bit More Framing & T-Shirts

Although felled by a raging fever, some work was accomplished on the brewery this weekend.  On Sunday, our friends Tom and Kristen came out to check on our horse Aggie. Aggie was having trouble walking and with Tracy out of town I was not sure what to do. Kristen agreed to come over and check things out.  Fortunately it turned out to be just a bit of muscle soreness.  She even cleaned and redressed our visiting horse's cut for us.  So she pretty much took care of the horses for us.  Thanks, Kristen!

While they were here they decided to help a bit with the brewery.  So we framed up the rough opening of one of the big windows. As we progressed with the framing, it became clear that I was fading fast. What had begun that morning as the subtle suggestions of an oncoming cold were developing into a full-blown nasal knockout.  So once we finished the window framing we packed it up. By 6:00 PM I was comatose with fever.  Happy Halloween!

The next day I was feeling better and Krister came out.  We worked on finishing the last of the first floor framing and squaring the walls. We also started putting on the last of the top-plates. However, I had a dental appointment so we had to stop early.

Today I voted, as all of you should have done, and picked up another load of lumber from out friends at Woodell and Daughters.  Most importantly, I also stopped at RJ's Sports and got estimates on printing up shirts for the brewery. Hopefully I will be able to place the order tomorrow and soon the world shall be wearing Belgian Mare apparel. With luck we can sell enough of these shirts to pay for the brewery!

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