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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jeet Kune Do Paneling

So yesterday our friend Marcus braved the snowfall to come out and help with the brewery. Since Marcus is also my Jeet Kune Do instructor, this meant that I would not get a lesson this week.  Bummer.  However, his help in finishing up the interior wall more than made up for the missed lesson.

The interior wall was ready for the bead-board paneling and, as any of you who have ever tried solo paneling installation know, paneling is a two person job.  So I was thankful to have Marcus around to help out.  We started by installing a header board that would give us something to nail the ceiling panels to when it came time to install them. Next we put in a kick-board and blocking between the studs so we would have something to nail the bead-board to.  The walls in the public room are 8'8 3/4" so we needed a pretty generous kick-board.

Then came putting the paneling up. With two of us this went pretty quickly.  Since great pains were taken to make the interior wall as square as possible, the panels fit right in with no fudging.

The final step was to put the door that I had built into position.  Again, having two people to do this made the task much easier.  I am still impressed that I made a door that actually works.

So now that we have one wall done we know what we need to get the other walls done.  That will make paneling the remaining walls go much faster.  Thanks to Marcus for coming out to help!