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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interior Progress

So the draft horses decided to do some creative rearrangements to one of their sheds. That happenstance has left me with little time the last week as I have torn down the old shed and built up a new one. We are a little less than half way finished with the new shed.  Hopefully this one will be able to better withstand the horses' creative endeavors.

On the brewery side, I have finished putting up the beadboard paneling.  Marcus helped with most of it, but the last four sheets I put up myself. At an average of nearly one hour per sheet, it was a humbling experience.  On the plus side, I am much better with a circular saw than I was before I started building the brewery.  Three of the walls have been painted.  Once the fourth is finished the corner trim and headers can be put up. For now though, I have a horse shed to finish!  Cheers!

Insulation in place an paneling started.