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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting Ready For Spring

Oh boy!  This winter has been a cold one!  At least that allows for some long fermentations and smooth flavors.

Right now, the Belgian Mare Brewery is gearing up for spring.  We have new batches of old favorites just being released and plans for completely new brews.  We also have several events coming up so keep an eye out as they will be posted as they are finalized.

The first six months of the Belgian Mare Brewery were a wild ride.  Up and down, mostly up, and lots of learning.  I enjoy the learning process and if it ever stopped and this venture became simply a manufacturing process, I would likely close the brewery. So I want to thank everyone who tried our beers.  The fact that you plunked down your money for a Belgian Mare Brewery beer is a leap of faith worthy of gratitude. 

I especially enjoy interacting with the customer. It is the height of my day when a friend I have yet to meet sees me somewhere and says, "You're the Belgian Mare guy! I love your beer!"  Ah, life is sweet...

But know that I listen to and consider all comments. I especially appreciate the feedback of the customers who take the time to speak to me directly.  The fact that so many of you have taken the time to speak with me honestly, drives me on to be a better brewer.  Thank you.

Thus I forge ahead, full of experimentation, honoring tradition, all the while going beyond style definition.

Dear Reader, I cannot tell you what the future will be, but we shall have fun getting there together...