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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building Walls

Last week I took two days off work to try to get some work done on the brewery.  This weekend I tried to finish what I started.  Well, I did not get as far as I wanted, but then I always plan for too much.  What I have got done was pretty good.

I build and framed an interior door.  This is quite a task if, if one has not done it before. In the end it took a surprising amount of time to complete.  However, now that it is done it looks pretty good.  

The other task I accomplished was framing the partition wall.  Since we plan to have a sales area, we needed to have an interior wall to separate the brewing and sales areas.  This was not too difficult a task. The only problem was that since it is 9'4" from the concrete floor to the joists above I had to build the wall and then build a short extension to connect it to the floor above.

So I accomplished a good bit of work over the last two weekends. Hopefully, I will soon have some more videos and pictures to post.