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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Life For an Old Bird

I hope everyone had a good holiday season.  Things are going well here at the farm.  The most noteworthy occurrence has been the resurrection of one of our chickens.  Maybe not a true resurrection, but a pretty good comeback.

Our last remaining Leghorn had been laying misshapen, wrinkly eggs for some time.  Then she laid shell-less eggs for a while. This could be a real mess when she would try to lay in a nest that already had other eggs in it.  The membrane of the shell-less egg would break and cover the other eggs in goop and make a mess of the nest box.  Eventually, she just stopped laying all together.  That was a few months ago.

Imagine our surprise when we found a perfectly shaped, extra-large white egg last week.  The next day brought another.  Then another the day after that.  She has now laid an egg for four days in a row!  Pretty good for a three year old Leghorn!