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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Current State of Framing

Given my recent incapacitation due to traumatic injury (ruptured tendon) I have been unable to accomplish much on the brewery. However, I felt it necessary to bring all of you up to date as to the current state of the framing process by posting a few photographs. Shortly (a matter of hours) before my injury, Krister and I had managed to place all of the floor joists for the loft (the last being placed as darkness settled across the land) and get to the point where we were ready to put up the wall extension. The following day, working alone, Krister cut the studs for the wall extension. So that is where we stand. Tomorrow I will purchase the lumber for framing up the roof. For this comingSunday, Tracy has organized a framing party. Hopefully this will give us a push forward, or at least we can have some fun!

The most recent photographs of the framing process are below:

Image 1 - First floor framing is complete.Floor joists for the loft are in place.

Image 2 - South side of the brewery showing two doors and four windows.

Image 3 - Interior view showing floor joists for the loft.
 With luck, after next Sunday we will have even more interesting photo to show!

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