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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Progress and a Setback

Last Sunday we made good progress on the brewery.  The first floor framing was completed and we also got all the floor joists in place for the loft.  Let me tell you, trying to climb a ladder while holding the end of a 16 foot rough cut 2x10 should be an Olympic event.

Given Sunday's success we were looking forward to even more progress on Monday.  It was not to be.  While talking to Tracy out in the pasture, my foot came down wrong in the mud.  Tracy heard the pop and down I went. I had to crawl out of the pasture.  Needless to say I did not do much on Monday.

Krister came out and worked by himself.  He managed to get all the studs cut for the second level.  Hopefully we can get some more help for next week

For my part, I found out that I habe a ruptured tendon in my ankle.  About 50 % of the tendon is left, so surgery has been ruled out for now. However, I will be in an air cast for at least three weeks and a full recovery is about 16 weeks. This may set the brewery back a bit.

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