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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Floor Done (Almost)

No pictures today as we worked until it was too dark to take a picture so my words shall have to suffice.

Krister showed up for the third day in a row.  I am beginning to suspect that he may be more dedicated to this project than I am!  However, Krister's nephew Wylie is one of our horses' biggest fans.  When he heard that we had a fourth horse, he informed Krister that he "needed" a picture of said horse. So that was the first order of business.  Given what camera hogs Aggie and Max are, you can guess how difficult getting a picture of Web can be. Once that task was completed it was on to the brewery.

 As you might have guessed, we went right to it and finished up the last wall section we had put up as the sun set last night.  Then we began framing up the last wall section of the first floor.

It quickly became apparent that we did not have enough time or lumber to finish framing this section.  With the light fading fast, we decided to do what we could.  In the end we were able to get most of the last section framed up and set it on the foundation.We used a temporary brace to keep it square until we could finish it. By the time we finished securing this last section to the foundation and bracing it we were out of time and lumber.

So we are very close to having the whole first floor framed up.  Only a few doodads remain.  Then we can start on putting in the loft.  Then the roof.  Exciting times. 

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