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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Another day's work.

Yet another brewery work day was a big success.  This time we had 11 workers show up! They were in random order: John, Glenn, Greg, Sue, Tom, Vin, Tina, Krister, Dave, Devin, and Tom.  Needless to say, putting up 50 rafters with 11 workers went pretty fast.

Last Sunday Vin had made a template for the rafters and they were cut to length.  During the week I finished the cuts and shortened the rafters to fit the ridgepole.  So today, all that remained was to get the ridgepole up and the rafters in place.

With all the hands available, getting the ridgepole up and the first rafters in place was none too difficult.  Once we got the system down, the rest went pretty fast.  Even setting up the temporary decking went smoothly.

It is my fault that we did not get more done. I had waffled on what type of roofing to use.  I had finally decided on going with metal on stringers and had purchased the stringers.  However, once we started putting up the rafters, it became apparent that we may need more stability.  Now I really dislike plywood and OSB, but the fact remains that they will provide a more rigid roof. So after consulting with my volunteers the decision was made to go with the OSB. It won't be pretty, but it will be solid. If I had made this decision earlier, we could have had the material in place and would have finished today. Mea culpa.

Today was a good day, we got a bunch done.  The place is really starting to look like a brewery.  A big thanks to all our volunteers.


  1. Behemoth ROCKS! I feel bad that nobody has ever commented on your Blog; hence my comment.

  2. Cool. It is nice to know that someone cares.