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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thunderstorms, Paint, and Disappearing Caulk

As many of you already know, we here in Alstead have been hit hard by the recent spate of thunderstorms.  Twice I have been up all night monitoring flooding in various locations.  Such is the life of a small town fireman.  Fortunately, our town had no injuries and any damage was simply material.

All of this had slowed down work on the brewery.  In fact, it has rained every day I have had off for just over three weeks.  But that did not stop me.  Working between storms I manage to finish the siding on the back of the brewery and paint the fascia boards front and back.  I have also managed to get some trim work done on the interior.

One down spot did occur.  I caulked the big window on the  back of the brewery.  A few hours later we were hit by a big storm that resulted in me being called out on flood duty.  A couple of days later I was back at the brewery working and noticed that the aforementioned window had not been caulked.  "Strange," I thought, "I could have sworn that I had caulked that window."  Then I looked closer.  I noticed white streaks below the window.  Then the realization hit me, I had caulked the window, it was just that the caulk had melted in the subsequent heavy rainfall.  I guess that whole "cures in two hours" thing on the label was just a guideline.

Check out the photos below for our latest progress.  


The front looks lots better with the fascia painted.  Wood to the left, lumber to the right...

Still not done on the ladder, but things are looking up.

A look at the interior trim and the sales area.

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