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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roofs, Cellars, and Flowers

New shelves ready for their finish.

Still hammering away on the building.  And still without a chimney.  Hopefully this month will see the installation of the chimney and we can get to work testing the boiler. In the meantime I have been working on  painting, shelving and cellar doors.  The shelves are coming along nicely.  They are constructed entirely of 1"x12" pine boards and finished with a mixture of pine tar and beeswax. The mixture gives a nice luster finish that is waterproof and slowly gives the wood a honey color.

I have also built both doors for the cellar.  Quite a task if one happens to be working alone.  I did manage, and even got one hung.  It was an adventure hanging that first door.  I got it in place only to discover that it was rhombohedral! Everything was parallel, just not square.  Not sure how I managed that, but a little trimming and it went in just fine.

The other door is nice and square. It  needed another coat of paint and has to have about 1/8 inch shaved off the width. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be hung and we will have a cellar that can be closed!
One cellar door!

 On the down side, we suffered some storm damage to the house and had new roofing put on.  That ate up most of the ready cash, but it had to be done.  It was hard to sleep with water dripping on the bed.  In spite of all that has been going on, I took some time to stop and small the flowers.  I suggest you do the same. Cheers!
The wildflowers seem to like the slope behind the brewery.

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  1. I feel sorry that you had spent a lot for a new roofing system. Anyway, installing a new roof is always a good investment! With a new one, you can be guaranteed of protection in all weather condition. Cheer up 'cos you're all safe inside your house!

    - Jesse Morrison @ JonWrightRoofing