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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Less Pleasant Activities

Lately I have been occupied with the less pleasant activities of a brewer's life, namely, applying for permits.  This is a critical aspect of the brewery's existence, yet the one I find least tasteful.  At least we can now do all this stuff on the internet.  Why can't they just trust that I will be a good brewery owner?

On a more fun note, I have ordered our bottler, and it should be here this week.  Some time ago I had discovered that an Italian firm still made stainless steel gravity-feed bottle fillers.  These are designed for small wineries, but since our beers will be bottled conditioned, it will work just fine for us. Actually getting one of these turned out to be a bit problematic.  Even though their existence was unknown to me until recently, they are actually quite popular and not one dealer in the US had one in stock.  At the time, I was told that more were expected within 2-3 weeks (the old retailer's standby answer).  In the end it proved to be about two months until one showed up on Woburn, MA.  I jumped at the chance and have been assured that it is on its way here.

Let us hope....

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