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Monday, February 16, 2009

Foundation - Brewery Update

Today a contractor came out to look into excavating our building site. It appears that we will be able to fit in the foundation next to the hopyard. Excellent, as we want to use space efficiently. The only problem encountered was that the area was wetter than originally thought so the plans for the concrete may have to be modified.

Having a cellar is adding considerably to the foundation cost. However, if we do not have a cellar we will need to install pumps and a glycol chilling system. So any savings from not putting in a cellar will be more than offset by the cost of the additional equipment. In fact, a glycol chiller would probably cost more than the whole building.

So now we await the final estimate on the cost of the foundation. Our hope is to get it done this spring and start building the brewery itself. Out of both pride and economy, we have decided to build as much of the brewery ourselves as we can. That first beer will taste extra good.

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