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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beer Tax Legislation

A bill is being set forth to reduce the tax on beer. Obviously this will be a big help to myself and other small brewers. So send your lawmakers a message and let them know how you feel!

Below is an excerpt from a Brewers Association press release:

With the introduction of HR 836, the Brewers Excise and Economic Relief Act of 2009, seeking a 50% reduction in the federal excise tax rates for all brewers, America’s small brewers have an unparalleled opportunity to influence policy and strengthen their businesses. We need to build as much support as possible for this bill to give it the best chance of becoming a reality.

Please contact your U.S. Congressman and ask that he/she sign on as a co-sponsor of HR 836.

Please go to the Brewers Association’s Excise Tax Resource page for information on the legislation, its introduction and background on the current economic situation faced by small brewers across the country. This information will help you make the case to your Representative for supporting this tax relief measure and in turn for supporting the small brewery businesses that are such a vital part of our local communities.

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