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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Numbers from the Boiler Firing

Ah yes, the first firing of the boiler is now a memory of success.  For readers of a more technical bent, here are some numbers from the event:

From match to first boil: 3hrs.

After the boil was established, the firebox was closed down and no more wood added. Boiling continued for 2hrs.

Water temperature was 140 degrees F 13hrs after the cessation of boiling.

The fire used surprisingly little wood and was very efficient leaving little ash and producing no visible smoke for most of the test session.

Clearly, letting the wort sit overnight will not cool it sufficiently to be run into the fermenter. We will need to find some other means of cooling the wort, whether chiller, coolship of something else.  Any suggestions? 


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  1. I would do something along the lines of a parallel pipe heat exchanger, which could be used to preheat the strike water for the next batch. The technology is fairly simple, easy to clean and build, and the form factor seems relatively space efficient, if build vertically.