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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chimney & Trapdoor

Things continue to move along here at the Belgian Mare.  Still, I did manage  to brew a couple of beers.  The first is a pale ale.  I kegged it and sampled it a few days later ( a bit too early).  It is very good, though I see room for improvement.  The other brew is a lager that is still in the fermenter.

Towering stainless steel!
Now for news on the brewery.  On Sunday, our old friend Danny came out and we finished installing the chimney.  His skill has really helped move this project along.  Once we are officially open we pretty much own him his own batch.

The secret cellar entrance!
The second accomplishment is that we now have a trapdoor in the sales/gallery area.  This is something I have been hoping to get done for some time.  With my new hammer-drill in hand, I set to the task.  It took longer than anticipated, but we now have a trap door instead of a gaping hole.  Progress and safety.


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