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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain, Hops and More Siding


I am starting to get really excited about getting this brewery done.  I have been hammering away (literally) every spare moment I get.  Check out the photos below.  I finished the north side of the brewery myself and trimmed the windows.  Last week I met my new neighbor Danny.  He has worked in the past as a carpenter and is a craft beer enthusiast.  On Sunday he came out to lend a hand.  Let me tell you, putting up siding goes a lot faster with two people!  We could have accomplished much more but rain put an end to our efforts.  Today I managed to put in a few hours by myself though, once again, rain put an end to my efforts.  The last piece of siding I put up went into place accompanied by the sound of rain and thunder.  Needless to say, I have no photos of today's efforts. We are so close!


I got caught flat-footed by the hops this year.  One day I was thinking it was time to trim the rhizomes and the next the hops had broken out and were a foot tall!  Now several are taller than me and booming right along.  In the past the first plants topped out about the end of May, so we appear to be on schedule.  Several of the bines are very thick and leafy.  Hopefully this indicates a good harvest is in the offing.

Until next time,


The north side, finished!

With Danny's help, this went very quickly.


  1. As far as I can see, you did a great job on your barn. Paying attention to details of your exteriors will benefit you in a lot of ways in the future. And installing a sturdy and waterproof siding will definitely strengthen and protect your barn from bad weather.

    Saundra Wordlaw @ Ports Mouth Area Roofing

  2. This is a very cute barn! You really should thank Danny for helping you finish the siding. I believe you're already done with the construction. Do you have any post regarding your barn? Keep me updated. :)