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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7000 Hits and More!

So we have made it to 7000 hits!  Woohoo!  I am not sure what caused the recent flurry of activity, but I am glad that people are still checking up on us.  As you all know, progress has been slow.   I only wish it could go faster, but that is life.  However, if any of you finds a big bag of money and do not have any use for it, send it my way...

On to what progress we have made:  I have finished the bead-board and painting in the sales area.  The last bit I finished on my own.  Let me tell you, cutting those jigsaw puzzle-type pieces of bead-board is pretty scary.  I lived in fear of miscutting and ruining a whole piece.  But in the end, I was able to cut even the most contorted piece and get it to fit.  Then came painting, which was another adventure given that I am not much of a painter.  Things turned out pretty well in the end.

Progress on the sales area!
Lately I have been derailed from working on the brewery because one of the horses did some major damage to one of the sheds and it had to be torn down.  So most of my efforts lately have been on building a new run-in for the horses.  I wanted to make sure this new one would last so that ate into the finances a bit.  Then we had some vet bills, etc.   It never ends.

Still, I am getting ready to do some more brewery work.  The next step is building the boiler and firebox.  This is pretty exciting as it marks a step where we are creating a brewery and not just any building.  I have found a cheap source for firebrick so it will be much less expensive than anticipated. I also found a cast iron fire door that is not too expensive. The only hold up now is getting a welder to do the necessary modifications to the tank that we will use as a boiler.   If we can't get the welding done soon, I will start working on the boardwalk that will run along the south side of the building.

 Thanks for staying tuned in, I will keep you all posted on our progress!

We did manage a side trip to Salem, MA, and got to see the witch house!

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