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Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Chicken Stuff

Still needs some work...
What week it was.  The new birds are growing fast and needed to get outside fast.  So I really needed to hammer on the coop.  I worked on it from sun-up to sundown on Sunday and Monday last week.  I was so tired that I fell asleep in the coop when I sat down to rest as the sun set on Monday. 

We moved in a few adult birds and they made do with a tarp for roofing.  This past Sunday I finally got the tarpaper on.  None too soon as the first raindrops fell as I was driving the last nail.  So it is now a secure little home for some of my birds. Trim work still needs to be done, but at least it looks
 like a chicken coop.

New coop door.
I like to make my coops look nice.   I decided to make the door out of one inch thick and 12 inch wide rough pine boards that we were given as scrap. The hinges and ring are reproductions made in Massachusetts.  The window is a real antique salvaged from a home that was being remodeled. The birds seem to enjoy the view.

One of the monsters.
The monster chickens continue to grow.  They are quite mobile and thus quite hard to photograph. Their patterns and colors vary somewhat, however most are patterned something like the lady in the photograph at the right. They learned quickly to go into the coop at night and were able to free range at an early age. Now they remain in a closed run until the hatchery chicks learn to go into the coop at night.  With luck, soon everyone will be free ranging.

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