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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still Working

Not much new to report on the brewery front. We are still waiting to hear when the next combined board meeting will be held. I have been using the time to make some fine-tuning adjustments to our application. I just want to get this thing to a vote.

Public support for the brewery remains strong. We also have one store that has comitted to sell our product once we get going. As with so many things, it is just a matter of time and money!

In the sad news department, we lost two hens to a fox a few days ago. They were taken right out of the pasture in broad daylight. We are now down to eight laying hens. I intend to blog soon on the ethics of killing the fox.

Fortunately we have 16 peeps in the brood pen. This year we got a variety of breeds: Araucana, Buff Orpington, Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, and some kind of bantam. Once everyone is up and laying, we should have eggs out our ears.

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