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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Public Hearing

We finally have our applications in to the planning board and the zoning board. Perhaps, they are not the best they can be (What ever is?), but they are in. I had spent so much time on them that I was getting a bit numb. At least they are in.

Now we await the public hearing. I am glad for that. I want the chance to make my pitch and see what happens. Several supporters have expressed their desire to attend. I hope they will.

I want the Town to see that what I propose will be a benefit to Alstead and has the support of the citizenry. Our brewery will make Alstead a better place. I truly believe that.

Our hearing will be on either July 13 or August 3. I hope for the earlier date but will accept either. All I want is the chance to get our plan, our dream, before the people of Alstead.

Let the people decide.

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