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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hi All,

It may sound a bit contrived, but, welcome to my first post. I am new to blogging so bear with me and, hopefully, we will have some fun. This blog is dedicated to my three favorite things in life: Beer, photography, and philosophy. My favorite beer is (was) Watney's Cream Stout, my photography is at and my philosophy is decidedly Ancient Greek. Am I the only one amazed that those guys got it right 2500 years ago and since then all we have been trying to do is find a way to prove them wrong?

About the beer thing. I enjoy brewing my own. In fact my wife and I are starting our own brewery. We hope to have it fully functional in the Fall of 2010. It will be a lot of work but also a great adventure. So please stop by often to check on our progress.

And about anything else - have at it. Send me your thoughts and I will respond. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, on anything, and dispensing my suspect knowledge and wisdom upon all of you!

Until next time - Stay Metal!


  1. Hi, Tim, this is so cool! I won't have much to say about the beer or photography (other than to oooh and aaah over yours) but maybe I can chime in on philosophy on occasion ;)


  2. Hi there! Send me a note over at if you'd like to get a pint sometime! Where in NH are you?

    Best of luck on the blogging and brewing adventures ahead!