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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oil & Gold

I am a brewer that likes to experiment.  My customers are beer drinkers who like to experiment.  I have already mentioned how a dedicated bunch have taken to ageing my beers at differing temperatures and reporting back to me on flavor nuances they experience.

Now an adventurous group has decided to take things a step further.  They are mixing my beers.  I admit to having done a bit of this myself in the far past, but this spirited group has taken my two most popular beers and blended them.  The new creation even has a name.

These pathfinders of beer have been mixing the Britton Mine Black Ale and the Pale Ale.  This new beverage is called "Oil & Gold", apparently to distinguish it from the more prosaic "black & tan".  I am told the results are excellent!

So now the Belgian Mare Brewery has its very own mixed drink!

A big thanks to my dedicated customers for keeping me informed of what you are up to!  I will definitely have to try this new creation!

Thanks and Cheers!

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