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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update of Current Offerings

Greetings, Dear Reader,

After one month of sales, the Pale Ale is our best seller, though the Hemlock Stout is close behind.  The Pale Ale has found a strong fan base with the "Real Ale" aficionados and any others with an appreciation of good beer.  Best served at about 55F, just pour it into a glass, let it breathe for a a few minutes, then enjoy!

The Red Bitter was also a strong seller.  The combination of Chinook and Goldings hops wit a hint of dark roasted barley has proven a popular combination.  A great brew for enjoying ice cold from the fridge.

Our newest offerings, Britton Mine Black Ale and New England Cream Lager are also finding their fans. The Britton Mine Black Ale is a cream stout with plenty of roasted grain character.  Long cellaring make for a smooth drinking stout.

The New England Cream Lager is a creation of my own three hands.  Some of you may remember me mentioning the early versions of this brew in this blog. It has the refreshing lager character, but is more full-bodied than a traditional lager.  The addition of Chinook hops gives it a little extra bite.  Like nothing you have ever had before!

Below is a full listing of the brews we currently have in stock.  So stop on by this weekend (3-7pm Friday, 2-7pm Saturday & Sunday) and have a taste and pick some up to take home!

207 Gilsum Mine Road, Alstead, NH, 03602

Below is a list of the current offerings from our own wood-fired brewery in East Alstead, New Hampshire!

Traditional English “real ale” style lightly carbonated ales. Best consumed at 55°F for full flavor:

HEMLOCK STOUT: A dark, robust cream stout flavored with the addition of New Hampshire hemlock tree tips. The hemlock and dark roasted barley provide a strong flavor; long aging in the cellar makes it smooth.

PALE ALE: A traditional English pale ale. Crystal malt character & a hint Goldings hop bitterness, combined with light carbonation and long cellaring, create a mild, refreshing ale.

BRITTON MINE BLACK ALE: A full-bodied ale with the tang of roasted grains and the smoothness of long aging in the cellar.

More strongly carbonated ale and lager. Best served chilled:

RED BITTER: A traditional English bitter brewed with Goldings hops and updated with the addition of Chinook hops. The forward hop aroma and bitterness is balanced by a strong malt base. A hoppy ale with Old World character.

NEW ENGLAND CREAM LAGER: A full-bodied, yet refreshing, lager with the bite of Chinook hops!

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