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The Belgian Mare Says Hello!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunday Work Day

We tried for a work day last Sunday.  About one in the morning I was awakened to the sound of the beeping of my computer's battery back-up. I promptly fell back asleep.  When Annie woke me to take her out, I realized that I could not turn on the lights and remembered the previously- forgotten beeping.  We finally got power back a bit after 1pm.  By then, my JKD instructor had arrived and it was time to start kicking and punching each other.

In the meantime, a few brave souls labored with me, by hand, to get a few things done around the brewery. In a way, not having power was a bonus, it made us plan and work more efficiently. On Monday, with the power back on, I made some progress on the loft floor.

Such is life.  Hopefully this Sunday we will have power and be able to inch the brewery a bit further along toward completion.

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